INTRODUCTION TO YIN YOGA – Time + Space – London

Saturday, 6th April 2019: 1230pm-230pm – £25

Yin Yoga is a perfect compliment to Yang (Dynamic) Yoga and a Yang lifestyle. It is a passive, yet challenging practice as we hold poses for a few minutes and place an emphasis on releasing and relaxing the muscles.

We will move and breathe through a grounding sequence which will allow you to enter a deep state of relaxation and release. Holding these healing and prop supported poses between 2 – 5 minutes will open thicker layers of connective tissue around the joints. This workshop is suitable to everyone and we will explore the physical postures, and build your understanding of why these poses are beneficial for your body.

Cost: £25 (Half Price for Monthly Members of Time and Space Yoga Studio)

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FORREST YOGA WORKSHOP – Yoga’s Got Hot – Edinburgh

Saturday, 25th August 2018: 415pm-615pm 

Sabina Ahmadov arm balance workshop in London
 Forrest Yoga is a style developed by Ana Forrest to address physical and emotional issues. In Forrest, poses are held up to 10 breaths and this brings energy into every cell of the body. 
What attracts me to Forrest yoga is the ability to work free of whatever dims and degrades my energy.  To do this we incorporate healing, deep self-awareness and yoga. It is an inspiring practice which builds flexibility, intelligence and strength while helping deepen your relationship with your authentic self. I am excited to be sharing this inspiring yoga practice with Yogas Got Hot.
This 2 hour yoga workshop will introduce the four pillars of Forrest Yoga:
Breath – Learning to direct breath to areas in the body and breathing in a way that reduces tension.
Strength – Forrest yoga increases strength and connects you to your core and uses heat, vigorous workouts and deep breathing to sweat out toxins.
Integrity – Practising with love and respect for your body. Asking ‘What can I do today?’ and finding the intelligent edge to explore each pose and safely tailoring them to work best for you.
Spirit – Forrest Yoga helps you access your intuition and building personal strength which ushers integrity into your daily interactions.