• You can donate as much or as little as you like – this is about us practicing together – staying strong and healthy during this challenging time. You are welcome to join the practice for free – enjoy! If you like the practice and can afford it, please make a PayPal donation – this is how I intend to cover my rent and bills 🙂

  • I hope to see many of you on Zoom, with Londoners and some familiar faces from around the world! We’re very lucky to have this technology at our fingertips!

*** The “Something Series” Available NOW on YouTube!

I’ve just finished filming and editing (look at all these new skills!) a series of four short yoga practices for those unable to make the dates/times listed.

  • “Something Simple” is a simple 11 minute video designed to get you moving and breathing in a mindful way.

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Ed Sheeran, Drake and Sabina Ahmadov now streaming on Spotify!

Check out my Podcast, Stillness with Sabina, on Spotify!  It’s a 10 day meditation with a focus on Mudra’s. The first one is below, followed by the link to the rest of them here….