Corporate Yoga Classes

Reduce stress, improve team bonding and increase productivity with a corporate Nourish through Yoga Class.

Corporate yoga classes are ideal for helping unwind after a challenging work day or during lunch to give you an energetic boost for the rest of the day.

Whatever your organisations’ requirements for times and durations, I feel very strongly about the revolutionary powers of yoga in workplace. I believe yoga in a workplace should be made available to all office workers. 

Mindful practices such as yoga are an ideal way to optimise your performance and resilience at work.

Working in high-pressure office environments myself for over a decade, I know first hand the transformative powers of movement and meditation for mental and physical health at work. Enhancing mental focus in an information overload age is getting more challenging, coupled with the fact that being tired at work is becoming a new norm means we need strategies for building strength and resilience in a digital workplace.

Studies show that employees participating in at least one yoga session leads to a reduction in stress & pain, while an improvement in sleep and effectiveness at work! It has also shown investing into corporate yoga can lead to a 11:1 return on investment. 

Corporate Sessions Start at £85.00 per session. 

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