Off the Mat, Onto the Table.

Bodyworker sessions in London with Sabina Ahmadov

Bodywork is a therapeutic session of communicating through the medium of Touch. Book a 60 minute Bodywork session with Sabina and feel your body release emotional tension and discern deeper levels of feeling.

As a YogaBodyworker graduate, having undergone training with Brian Campbell and Jambo Truong, Sabina is equipped to enhance movement by exploring asymmetries and anatomy to prescribe yoga combined with bodywork to speed up recovery and improve mobility.

Bodywork helps answer the question: “How Does Your Body Feel?”

Bodywork is a means of communicating with another being through the medium of Touch. The method of communication is engaging your body and the tissues in an infinite number of ways.

Sabina practices bodywork in London

In a bodywork session, she will assess, feel and look at the relationship of your specific muscular patterns and how your physical bodies move and breathes. The intention is to learn to see how emotions get stuck in the body and help facilitate ways to strengthen and discern deeper levels of feeling.

Using the medicine of the Caress technique, the aim is for Sabina to communicate to the receiver that they are perfect as they are, worthy of being touched, and that they are safe, loved and cared for.

Bodywork Sessions:

Each session lasts for 60 minutes, and takes place in a private yoga studio throughout London.

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